Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Document contains faced issues regarding Mailing List with solutions on WHM CPanel.

This Document contains faced issues regarding mailing list with solutions on WHM Cpanel.

How to make a mailing list:


After Creating Mailing List Click on modify as shown:

Enter Password:

Now it will show this page as given below with all options:


MailingNAME mailing list administration
General Options Section

Configuration Categories
Other Administrative Activities
  • [General Options]
  • Passwords
  • Language options
  • Membership Management...
  • Non-digest options
  • Digest options
  • Privacy options...
  • Bounce processing
  • Archiving Options
  • Mail<->News gateways
  • Auto-responder
  • Content filtering
  • Topics
  • Tend to pending moderator requests
  • Go to the general list information page
  • Edit the public HTML pages and text files
  • Go to list archives
  • Logout

Add moderator email account:

How to change mailing list size of MAX Body/Attachment Size:

How to disable moderation for members/non-members:

For Members:
Click on:
[Sender filters]
For Non-members:
Click on:
[Sender filters]

Membership Management:

Max. Number of Mailing list and Max. Number of emails per day:

There will be 500 sent message per hour limit on shared packages (Hostgator).

Max size of mailing list/Mail Message:

Max size of mailing list or regular e-mail message is 35MB (Hostgator) per email.

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